Falling deep into the internet rabbit hole in 2014, artist Sam Charboneau stumbled across surreal photography and knew she found her home. Being able to capture her many interests through a camera then process them through a computer, so they coexist in a single image, offered her the options she didn’t realize she needed. Her work is composed of mostly self-portraits, combining imagined hand-built creatures to bring her serious, yet lighthearted dreams into reality. Sam creates art to say something truthful, to share a story, and connect with strangers. Her unique vision nudges at the imagination of her viewers, sparking curiosity and with any luck, digging up a long-forgotten dream of their own.



 Sam first picked up a camera as a release. A healthy way to discharge the ever-growing angst of being forced to grow up, get a job and work will she died. In doing so, she re-discovered a long-forgotten dream world, lost to the monotony of domestic survival. Sam pulls inspiration from stop motion animators, building puppets and sets to bring to life the world she almost forgot about. As a self-taught artist, using the traditional methods of trial and error, she is always evolving the procedures to which these additions get built. In creative recycling efforts, Sam has challenged herself to mostly use what she has available or what she can find second hand.


Sam’s work can be found scattered around Oklahoma City, popping up in the annual OVAC 12×12 fundraiser, Paseo’s Art Space shows, including, Photofest, Small Show, Members Show and the 4×4 fundraiser. She currently occupying a shelf or two in the Plaza’s DNA Galleries and in 2019 and 2017 Sam’s two Franz images made top 40 in Natural Cannabis’s High Art contest winning a cash prize and being featured on packaging, social media and at the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa, CA.

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