my name is Sam Charboneau (as you could have guessed by now) and this is my artist page!

I reside in the Oklahoma City area with my husband, little boy and 4 fur babies. I am a Jack of all trades, master of none, one day it’s photography the next it might be watercolors, sculpture or writing. I strive to create art that speaks through the bullshit and is authentic as I can manage. I enjoy creating images that bring out the strange and unusual.

“I make art to share a story, to connect with strangers, to hopefully give back that inspiration I’m borrowing.”


Thank you for supporting the small business artist.

The prints I offer would bring just the right amount of flair to any home and would make a novel gift for a friend. All the proceeds I make from selling art, goes right back into creating more art. You can search available prints here*, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, drop me a line and we will see what we can do!

* Working on getting shop up as you read this. Shouldn’t be too long now….

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