Irrational Reality

Irrational Reality is a narrative photographic series, that explores the journey of finding one’s self while searching for a true place to belong. The series consist of ten digital prints following a curious hair covered protagonist while she travels through fanciful, surreal landscapes. The images start in the woods and moves through lush fields, desert sands, peculiar mountain ranges, serene lakes, alien rocky terrains, an eerie abyss, then falling neatly in a cozy, rolling meadow. Each scene is inhabited by unique creatures that cause the protagonist either feel desired or inept. Combining dreamy settings with original characters, Irrational Reality offers a refreshing insight as to what it can sometimes take to find a place to call home.

To create this series, I began by photographing, fields, mountains, lakes, trees, sky, roads, then in post-production I digitally mixed and matched them together to create a place that feels like it could exist, even if only in a dream. To help carry the narrative, I built movable sculptures from wire, foam, duct tape, fake fur, plastic eyes and acrylic paints. For the protagonist, I sewed together a suit of hair with lots and lots of strawberry blonde hair wefts. Then, I photographed these elements, on a green screen, according to the desired lighting and perspective needed to composite into the landscape backgrounds.

Irrational Reality is a pilgrimage of the soul and heart, it is a telling of the journey each of us need to take to find out who we really are and where we are meant to be.