Big Project

Ok, so yeah, 2018 is pretty lacking compared to some of the other years, but hear me out, I’m writing a book. Yeah, that’s right, it kinda happened on accident to be honest. I thought it would be a good idea to organize all my thoughts on being a creative person and it just started to grow into a monstrous project that produced pages and chapters and stuff. So I am being a diligent writer and seeing this project through to the end.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated on what comes next!

The PAA Members’ Show

This was a submission for Paseo Arts Association members only. There was a submission process and only a select number were accepted. My entry, The Exposed, got the chance to hang on the gallery wall during this event. I was also selected to be the member showcase of the week and got my face on Facebook. Pretty neat stuff. 


OVAC 12x12

The 12×12 fuses 175 of Oklahoma’s finest artists with local restaurants and live music to create a memorable one-night-only event.

For 12×12, each artist must create a work that conforms to the dimensions of twelve-by-twelve inches. The artwork is sold in a surprising silent and blind auction, meaning bidders will not know what others have bid. Bids for each piece begin at $175. Collectors who fear losing a piece of art in the auction may “Buy It Now” to trump the auction. Attendees may also purchase $5 chances to win prize packages!

For this event I submitted OKCreature. I wanted to create a one of a kind edition for this special event. So I crafted a 3D element for the frame, bringing the surreal essence out of the picture and into the real world. OKCreature is now living comfortably in his new home somewhere in the Oklahoma City area.

Stubborn Magazine

One Year Issue #18

Issue 18

Celebrating the one year anniversary of this wonderfully obscure magazine, each published artist was invited back to submit an image for this print. They humbly accepted my image, 39, also titled, Coffee for this publication to add some extra flair. I was delighted to surprised my less than excited model, Mrs Olivia, with the news of her new found fame. Thank you for being my weird friend. I love you.

High Art Contest

“Welcome artists, to High Art 2017, the first and only global cannabis inspired art contest presented by The Natural Cannabis Company and Juxtapoz Magazine. This is our fourth year of asking artists from around the globe to take to their favorite creation space, take a puff to invoke the ganja muse and lay down the inspiration she evokes.Our theme this year is psychedelia and its sister, surrealism; two art movements that share much in common.” – Entry page of High Art 2017

Franz, an Imitation made it in the top 40 out of 3001 entries.

Check out an interview I did with them here!

Workshop teacher and Adjudicator for ISAS Arts Festival

ISAS 50th Anniversary page

As a workshop leader I custom build and presented two programs specifically for the wants and needs of the aspiring artist. The two workshops included, Step Up your Selfie Game; The Art of Self Portraiture and The Art of Storytelling: & Real Life Advice on Being a Creative in the Real Life World.

I also lead a critic for two schools photography programs. Recognizing the raw talent in these photos was only the first step. I analyzed each image and gave them advice on how they can push them selves even further in their art.

You can now buy my prints in a store!

You read that right. Comingdeer Studios is the most adorable little shop. She is located in Bethany, Oklahoma. I am so very excited to have some of my work hanging in their brand new space. Check out their Instagram @comingdeerstudios to see for you self how perfect it is.


Raw Art Show Case: Holiday Special OKC

Now this was a big one! In December I participated in a large art show at the farmers market downtown OKC. It was hosted by a group that goes by the name, Raw Artist. Their main purpose is to show case the underground artists. Bring a voice to the little people. I am not sure if I worked harder for an event, ever. The hard work did indeed pay off. I got to meet so many new people and reconnect with lost friends. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that many of my images are now in these peoples homes.


“PhotoFest on Paseo is a juried photography exhibition that takes place each September and is open to all types of photography-based artwork, including traditional and digital processes and mixed media work that features photography.
Through this exhibition, the Paseo Arts Association strives to represent and spotlight the depth and diversity of contemporary Oklahoma photography. The exhibit will be featured in the Paseo Art Space during the month of September.” – 2016 Call for entries page

Red made the cut for the judging process and won the merit award.

Red was also used as the face of the Paseo First Friday walk article with The City Sentinel

Stubborn Magazine

The Lost Issue Issue 1 – March 2016


My three part series, Fear, made the cut for the very first issue.

Stubborn Magazine

Art of the Sea Issue 2 – April 2016


Four of my images made it into the second issue. The theme being Art of the sea.


Shout out on the old Facebook.



“PhotoFest on Paseo is a juried photography exhibition that takes place each September and is open to all types of photography-based artwork, including traditional and digital processes and mixed media work that features photography.” –Photofest 2015 Call for entries page

Divers Helmet and Birdskull made the cut for the judging process.

Birdskull received an honorable mention and was used as the face of the whole first Friday walk news article on News OK and OK Magazine.

My two pieces also gain mention on the after thought article provided by News OK.


Obscure Magazine

Volume 9, Issue 1: A Very Large Issue

Robin Williams Tribute sereis